duo eventuell. (CH)

duo eventuell. (CH)


The swiss duo eventuell. was founded in 2015 by Manuela Villiger and Vera Wahl. These musicians passionately dedicate themselves to contemporary music and its adequate performance. As an open-minded and experimental duo, eventuell. is not limited to saxophone works, but increasingly deals with performative, installative and ’non-instrumental‘ works as well as electroacoustic music with the inclusion of multimedia and digital parameters. eventuell. is pursuing the making of a unique statement through its performances – the two musicians are highly interested in philosophical and socially relevant questions. The duo is seeking to confront the audience with some of these complex questions about society aiming to initialize individual reflection processes of the audience. As a result, eventuell. started to write their own works – in autumn 2019 the two performers finally performed „eventuell. human“, the first project entirely conceived, composed and produced by the duo.

Nevertheless, the performers collaborate closely with associate artists and renowned composers on new works and ideas. Throughout the creating process of a new work the ensemble gathers new impulses from other artists and has the chance to premier a multitude of new works by composers such as Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, Emilio Guim, Julian Siffert or Loïc Destremau. In 2019 the duo launched with „eventuell. connected“ a new concert concept in which the duo intensifies its collaboration with international composers and premiers every year a whole program written by two composers.

Both instrumentalists shared their musical education studying together music pedagogy in Lucerne (Switzerland) with Beat Hofstetter and Sascha Armbruster and finishing their Master’s of Arts in Music Performance at the Zurich University of Arts in the class of Lars Mlekusch. The canton of Solothurn and the city of Olten both granted them a promotion award to enhance their musical development as an ensemble.

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Concert duo eventuell. (CH)

30 Nov 2023
Kleines Studio | Mozarteum University