29 Oct 2021
12:00 - 13:00
4006 | Mozarteum University


Ways of listening

From very small speakers embedded into a dead tree, emitting synthetic sounds in the middle of a forest, to an intimate yet immersive experience provided by two pipes which amplify and filter the sounds happening on top of a canal’s water surface, our listening experience is definitely affected by the context where sound happens. Expectations generated in the listener by the frame surrounding the sound source interact with the perception of sound and music; can we tweak and play with them in order to deliver a different listening experience compared to what we are used to?
Alessandro Perini’s lecture will wander through his sound-art works, sometimes situated in a public setting, and his compositions, thought for a traditional concert fruition. In both cases the intervention of the artist on the sound sources generates an interplay — if not a clash — between what we hear and what we see, yielding to hybrid, sometimes uncanny results.

Photo © Michela Benaglia

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