Lecture 2

07 Dec 2018
12:00 - 12:45
SEM - Room 4006

Lecture 2

7.12. 12:00

Vortrag | Lecture

Zimmer 4006, Universität Mozarteum

BARRY TRUAX | Soundscape Composition: From the Real to the Virtual

Barry Truax, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University

Soundscape composition has matured into an important practice, both as an
artistic form and to promote environmental awareness, with works ranging
from documentary to the construction of imaginary soundscapes. Just as the
concept of “soundscape” embraces all forms of sound and emphasizes how
sound is understood by listeners, so too soundscape composition creates
simulated environments of sound within which the distinctions between
voice, music and environmental sound are blurred. In the author’s
soundscape compositions, the sound material is elaborated using
contemporary digital signal processing techniques, while maintaining listener
recognizability, and the structure of the work and its narrative are guided by
the composer’s contextual knowledge of the real world.