Call for Scores 2020

NAMES (26.10.2021):
Manuel Zwerger
Karel Stulens
Philipp Krebs
Alisa Kobzar

Collettivo_21 (27.10.2021):
Arshia Samsaminia
Mattia Clera
Sara Stevanovic
Luca Ricci

Airborne Extended (28.10.2021):
Patrick Friel
Ole Hübner
Carlo Elia Praderio
Anton Lindström

Riot Ensemble (29.10.2021):
Alexander Ho
Jeeyoung Yoo
Giulia Monducci
Michele Abondano


CROSSROADS aims to promote international cooperation between composition students and contemporary music performers from different countries. Its main goal is to create an opportunity for young artists to learn from each other, to get to know different cultures and to build international relationships.

Who can apply?

Composers of any age and nationality, studying in Europe.


Send us the following:

  • Preference of the ensemble you want to compose for (information below). Please choose only 1 ensemble!

  • Short biography in English

  • Link(s) to (a) recording(s) of any of your recent works (scores may be attached too, but only as an addition to the recordings)

  • A VALID Copy of the document, proving your current composition studies in Europe (Studienblatt, up-to-date student card or a signed letter from your university/music school). Applications without such document will not be accepted!

  • Short motivational letter (let us know why do you want to participate, why do you choose that ensemble, what compositional ideas you would have for your chosen ensemble in case you get selected, etc.).



Additional Information:

16 selected composers will be invited to compose for and participate in the Crossroads Festival and its events, held at the Mozarteum University of Salzburg on 5-7th of November, 2020

The selection of the students will be made by the ensemble members, the main criteria being originality, quality and style of the recent pieces, provided in the recordings of the application.

The selected students will be provided with the accommodation in Salzburg for the time of the Festival, as well as will receive a refund up to 150€ for their travel costs.

The Festival and the ensembles keep the right to cancel the performance of the selected composer’s piece if the composer fails to provide good quality score and parts on time, or if any other objective problem occurs.

If the selected composer is not able to attend the festival, the composition (even if already finished) will not be performed!

Applications have to be sent by e-mail to if possible, in one pdf. file (except the scores)

(For your information: deadline for complete scores and parts: 15th of September 2020)

Please note: applications, received after the deadline or missing any of the required files can not be considered!

All applicants will be informed about their participation latest on the 1st of June, 2020. The selected composers will be given more detailed information about the composition requirements then.

All questions welcome:

(Piacenza, Italy)

Concert: 06.11.2020,
17:00 Kleines Studio / Mozarteum

Flute (+ Piccolo Flute)

Saxophone (+ Alto and Tenor Saxophone)




Percussion (Vibraphone, Tam-Tam, Gong, Bass Drum, Thundersheets)

Riot Ensemble
(London, United Kingdom)

Concert: 05.11.2020,
20:00 Solitär / Mozarteum

Flute (+ Piccolo flute)

Oboe (+ English Horn)

Clarinet (+ Bass Clarinet)





Airborne Extended
(Vienna, Austria)

Concert: 07.11.2020,
17:00 Kleines Studio / Mozarteum





(view full instrumentation details)

(Salzburg, Austria)

Concert: 07.11.2020,
20:00 Solitär / Mozarteum

Violin (or Viola, or 6-String E-Violin with F C [G D A E] )


Flute (+ Piccolo, Alto, Bass Flute)

Bb clarinet (+ A Clarinet, Bass, Contrabass Clarinet)


E-Organ (or keyboard, sampler, synthesizer on demand, performed whether by pianist or organist)

Percussion (Vibraphone, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, GranCassa, 8 Tomtoms (different sizes), Kickdrum, Hihat, 8 Turkish Cymbals (splash, crash and ride), 5 Chinese Cymbals (different sizes), Tamtam (65 diameter), 4 Chinese Woodblocks (small size, high pitched), 9 Woodblocks (Adams), 5 Tembleblocks, Bamboo Chimes, Metal Chimes)

Electronics (Live/Max/Pd/SC etc. / please contact us)

Please note:

  • The larger ensembles can also perform pieces for a semi-full instrumentation, but we encourage you to consider all the possible instruments.

  • If you have a composition, which is already written and matches all of the requirements, you can still apply!

  • all of the ensembles may include the use of electronics (please contact the ensembles regarding the use of electronics).

More details about the composition requirements will be given to the selected composers after the decision.